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Cloud Training

Our main goal is to transform the way projects are delivered through cloud computing by helping our clients adopt DevOps practices in collaborative environments.

Official AWS Training

Role-based Learning

Let's work together



We are an official AWS Authorized Training Partner

Architecting on AWS

Learn the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS.


£ 1,700 / student

Developing on AWS

Learn how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications.


£ 1,700 / student

Systems Operations on AWS

Learn how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform.


£ 1,700 / student

Advanced Architecting on AWS

Learn how to build complex AWS solutions incorporating data services, governance, and security.


£ 1,800 / student

DevOps Engineering on AWS

Learn how to use common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS.


£ 1,800 / student

Security Engineering on AWS

Learn how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud.


£ 1,850 / student

Our solid experience allows us to train your employees to design and implement the best infrastructure for the development of your company.

We are nubeGO


Exclusive Paths

Our exclusive paths best fit the needs of your employees and are tailored to each position, with the aim of maximising their skills.

Cloud Essentials Path


Cloud Essentials Path is intended for individuals who want to gain an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.




3.5 days

£ 1,125

Cloud Architect Path


Participants will gain hands-on experience building and shaping solutions for networking, storage and compute, progressively building both their depth and breadth of knowledge.




9 days

£ 3,880

Cloud Operations Path


Participants will gain a broad understanding of AWS concepts and technologies before deepening their knowledge of AWS networking, security, configuration and monitoring.




5 days

£ 2,440

DevOps Engineer Path


Participants will progressively build a wide suite of skills for developing, deploying and monitoring applications using AWS Developer tools.




12 days

£ 6,200

Cloud Developer Path


Participants will gain a broad understanding of AWS concepts and technologies before deepening their knowledge of AWS developer tools, SDKs and APIs across the AWS compute and storage services.




8 days

£ 4,640

Security Specialist Path


Participants will learn about application and configuration of access control on AWS, encryption of AWS services and the applications built on them and security monitoring tooling.




9 days

£ 4,680


Buy 9 seats get 10,

buy 13 get 15!

Delivery Options


Pick a date that best suits your team and we will send an experienced trainer to deliver your course at a convenient location, or if you prefer at your own office.

Shared Calendar

If you can’t spare your whole team at once, you can reserve seats in advance and you’ll be able to choose the delivery dates from a variety of courses we offer throughout the year.

* Courses will be delivered to groups of 6 to 15 people. If you want to train fewer people or can’t spare everyone at once please see our full terms and conditions for more information.


Be our partner

We are keen on promoting the highest possible return on partnerships. By providing the highest standard of client services, our partners can rely on us as a stable source of income.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose the dates that best suit learners needsin advance.

Highly Experienced Team

Contact our team for support at any time before, during or after the class.

World-class Instructors

Take advantage of our knowledgeable, fully certified and vastly experienced team of trainers.

Multi-lingual Courses

Technical courses available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Online Delivery

Online courses delivered
all over the world in a variety of different time zones.

On-site Courses

On-site instructor-led courses available in Spain, the UK and Latin America.

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